Please send the love for January here


The September issue will be here next weekend. Now accepting submissions for November 2011–the anniversary issue! XO*L


September submission deadlines will be *loose* thanks to Irene and her possible wrath. Submit via submishmash as usual.


We are now accepting all regular submissions for the mid-September issue. SUBMIT


The July theme is explained under ‘contests‘; please send all work through submishmash. Work outside the theme will only be considered after anagram material has been satisfied. Thanks…Looking forward to reading your work and enjoying your art!

* * *


Submit via Submishmash. Refer to the contest link for themes, if you’re into that kind of thing…we like the project for May, so you’re more likely to be accepted if you comply…

2~15~2011 *update*

We’re happily digging through the digital piles of submissions we’ve received lately, but we still eagerly welcome yours! Please remember to include a brief, 3rd person bio with your materials. Send up to 5,000 words of prose, 3 poems or 10 pieces of art. Submit to Awosting Alchemy via Submishmash

* * * January 2011* * *

Here’s something exciting: we’ve started using Submishmash. We already liked it for our own work, so we thought you’d like to keep it easy when you submit to us, too. We still check our email, so if anything is going haywire over there, just drop us a line old school.



We’re not much for gimmicks, but a lot of readers have been inquiring about theme issues. For March, we’re thinking about the dichotomy of that diverse month–blustery, sweet, forgiving and one last ass-kicking all at once. You don’t have to get literal, you could get terribly literal, or you could ignore that concept all together. Just make it good. Make it yours. Make it make us want more. As always, art, fiction, poetry, non-fiction and we love length! I think some of you might be holding out thinking we want 10-line poems only–give us something we can get lost in for a little while, to hold us through until the May thaw…perhaps even an exclusive short-story issue coming soon? We can’t wait to read your work!

Deadline for March issue: February 28th


We are happily accepting submissions of literary fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry and art for the January 2011 issue of Awosting Alchemy. We hope you’re here because you want to be a part of it.

We encourage local Hudson Valley writers and artists to submit work, but do not exclude submissions from those outside the Valley. Obviously you are here, so you must have some connection with this fabulous place. We prefer things you had to write or create because they were nowhere else in the world, sharp and new and not yet worn out by others. Strive for a new set of fingerprints to send.


Submissions are closed for our first issue, but are being accepted for later issues. The same guidelines apply (see post below), along with another consideration:

Send us things you had to write or create because they were nowhere else in the world, sharp and new and not yet worn out by others. Strive for a new set of fingerprints to send.


Thanks for choosing to send your work to Awosting Alchemy. We’re writers and artists too, dutifully sending our work out into the atmosphere with our fingers crossed. We truly appreciate what you do and your decision to include us in your efforts. Please take a look at our guidelines and email us at with any questions you may have. Our response time is currently swift as we prepare our inaugural issue. Expect to hear back from us within about a month. Thanks again. We look forward to your submissions.

Format–put genre, artist’s name, and work’s title in the subject line.

Ex: Poetry. Jones. “Mountain Rest”

Please send all work in a lovely, accessible attachment, free of any kooky stuff to mess with our technology here at *Aw/Al*

Please also include a brief bio of yourself and where readers might find more of your work that can be published with your submission, if chosen.

Poetry: Send up to 3 poems or 3 pages, whichever comes first.

Fiction & Non: Send up to 5,000-ish words

Art: Photographers, painters, printmakers, sculptors, ceramists, weavers, woodworkers, designers, video artists, and everyone else who creates, please send easily accessible images and information about the work.

We are unable to offer financial compensation for selected work, however, we do offer a fee-free submission process and our entire magazine will be free to the public online in November. Writers retain all rights for their work, post-publication. We simply ask that if your work is published elsewhere afterward, that you credit Awosting Alchemy as its first home.Submit to Awosting Alchemy“>


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