We are so happy to share our newest feature, monthly music, beginning with the astonishingly fun and talented New Paltz band Breakfast in Fur.

Click their awesome album cover to hear Breakfast in Fur…

The Breakfast in Fur family includes Dan Wolfe, Kaitlin Van Pelt, Michael Hollis, Matt Ross, Dan Morgenstern, James O’Keeffe, and  John Wittson. They were recently signed to Analog Edition Records, a vinyl label out of Portland, OR. Their EP with one extra only-to-be-released-on-vinyl song “ghost story” is right now being pressed in an edition of five hundred  10″ vinyl records. It is available for pre-order right now, with a release date in early May. It doesn’t get much cooler than that–or does it? Beyond just hearing them through your delightful speakers at home and pre-ordering their infectiously resonant EP, you can go see BIF out at many area hotspots, including Market Market of Rosendale, Oasis of New Paltz and Vassar College. Catch them next at Market Market on Friday March 18th with Elephant 6 cohorts Folklore from Philly, and local band Channel.

In between all their recording and contract signing, Awosting Alchemy was lucky enough to snag a virtual interview with Dan and Kaitlin. What follows is excerpted from that interview. For the full interview, check our blog.

AwAl: The name ‘Breakfast in Fur’ conjurs up amazingly decadent and rebellious images. Care to share the meaning behind the name?

BIF: We’re inspired a lot by surrealist artwork and we took this name from the title of a surrealist sculpture by Meret Oppenheim.

AwAl: What are your hopes for the upstate NY musical scene? How does our environment influence your music, or does it at all?

Dan: My hope is that more touring bands come through this area because it’s inspiring to see acts from out of town. And being surrounded by the mountains, I feel like I write about the mountains a lot.

Kaitlin: Market Market Cafe in Rosendale has been a home for our live shows and a lot of other awesome acts in this area. It’s one of the few venues you can play locally that really supports more creative and experimental music.

AwAl: In the spirit of Alchemy, can you give us a play-by-play of what ingredients added together constitute BIF or a BIF music-making session?

BIF: The last recording we did together was a song called “Blue.” Matt Ross played drums and percussion and also helped to engineer the session while Jonathan Wittson laid down the bass. Danny Morgenstern created a beautiful riff on a Fender-Rhodes keyboard and Mike Hollis played lead guitar. Kaitlin added ambient sounds and effects on a Microcorg while Dan sang falsetto and hit a tambourine. Dan wrote the lyrics and skeleton of the song and everyone else collaborated to create the final feeling. We were lucky that our friends Gary Levitt and Erica Quitzow let us record in their home-studio while they were away.

AwAl: Upcoming plans for the band? Tours? Collaborations?

BIF: Well, we have an EP coming out this Spring of covers and collaborations with other local friends and musicians, called “Flyaway Garden.”  Also, this Spring we’ll be releasing the first EP on vinyl, and this will include one unreleased new track. Finally, this June we’re planning our first East Coast/Midwest tour! Lots of exciting stuff.

AwAl: What’s the question you’d like to answer that we did not ask?

BIF: Where can we find out more about Breakfast in Fur? Well we’re on Facebook, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Twitter, Lastfm, and best of all, we just made a website:


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