“Hi, my name is Now Mythical Sage.”

Ok, we’re not having an identity crisis. We’re just having some fun (because that’s what summer is about, right?) with an online anagram maker. With its letters rearranged, Awosting Alchemy becomes Now Mythical Sage. I go from Lauren Tamraz to Tarzan Mauler (I may have to begin introducing myself to classes this way.)

The fabulous “T” Man himself

Anagram Maker

Try it for yourself. Longer names yield zanier results, so throw in your middle, confirmation, maiden and grandmothers’ names as well for several combinations. I know I did. Create a poem, story or piece of art that relates to your anagram.  Use it as your title, as a character, a theme, whatever. But have fun. It’s coming on summer, after all…

We also have the good fortune of pairing with another lovely publication for this project. Details to come on that tidbit…

Anagram submissions run 5/12-6/30 for July issue.

Looking forward to some good laughs, though treat this any way you’d like…let your name be your muse.

XO, *L

* * *

“May’d From Music”

Runs 3/1 to 4/30> CLOSED> THANK YOU!

Whether it’s on in the background, jumpstarts an old memory or paints the mood you’re in, music fuels writing and vice versa. We want to honor that symbiosis in the May issue with the “May’d From Music” project.

The Rules:

>Create a short, a poem, or art influenced by a piece of music. DO NOT TITLE IT IDENTICALLY OR MENTION IT SPECIFICALLY. We want work that reeks of something, submerges itself in someone’s waters, but we want to hear it from your words, not your reference point. Then, in your accompanying bio please list your song and source/band/singer/etc. so we may have an “aha!” moment once we make it to the contributors’ pages. Something like this: Emily Dickinson’s “I’m nobody, who are you” was inspired by/born from/resurrected from the ashes of “Creep” by Radiohead. (Please do not rip off E.Dick, but you knew that.)

This is a work-in-progress project, so changes of wonderful proportions may occur between now and May. Go with it.

Prizes possible…and we can’t lie or promise, but there’s probably a party in the midst of all this. We’ll let you know in time to pick a fetching frock to wear (or you could make like my sister in the shot below and wear a metal T-shirt.)XO

1*25*11 Done: Winner will be notified shortly…

I’m feeling creative and generous. I’m offering a piece of my own art to the overall best selection for the March issue, from writing or art. Or maybe both. We’ll see. I will make the piece after reviewing all submissions, so it’s not some dusty relic from my basement.  Personally, this would entice me to submit, so what are you waiting for?

Deadline: Monday February 28th

* * *

We’re holding a haiku contest for the inaugural issue. Entries should consist of 5-7-5 syllable schemes and be posted to our Facebook Wall. Winner determined by *Aw/Al* staff and readers’ votes. Post a submission to the wall and vote for the haiku you like best!  Winner will receive a lovely secret something and their poem will be featured in the November issue. Spread the word, submit & vote and invite people to enter! If you’re not already a fan on Facebook,  now’s the perfect time to check us out!

Deadline: Inaugural Issue 10/31/10

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