About *Aw/Al*

Awosting Alchemy likes words. “Awosting” is taken from a lake and a waterfall in the Hudson Valley that provide endless inspiration to those who enjoy their waters. “Alchemy” is our favorite magical expression, relating to the idea of turning the ordinary into gold. We think the Hudson Valley offers an alchemical experience for so many and deserves some recognition. We hope you will enjoy the work of the many talented artists and writers who live, play, dream about, and otherwise are connected to the Hudson Valley.

Awosting Alchemy began in 2010 and is edited by Lauren Tamraz.

We read submissions year-round, and publish issues hex-annually in January, March, May, July, September and November. Our contributors often are connected to the Hudson Valley, but this is not a requirement for publication. Just send us something GOOD.

XO, *L

3 Responses to About *Aw/Al*

  1. rowxb says:

    looking forward to reading and seeing this publication.

  2. Thanks rowxb–we are too!

  3. marcus speh says:

    hi there. like this, added you to my blogroll. enjoyed your comment on the kill author indie lit community survey – much appreciated. cheers.

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