July issue coming soon…

Thanks to all those who submitted for our July issue, both with anagram and regular materials. See you around midnight on the 15/16th for its release! As always, submissions are rolling and we are now reading work for the September issue. Do something good and summery and tell us about it. If you need some suggestions on what is summery, here is a list of my current lifestyle:

>Eat fruit. Lots.

>Swim. Or try to.

>Sweat, smell, shower. Repeat. Smell others. This can be nice.

>Grow things: beets, hair, love, compost, reading lists.

>Do things outdoors. With or without clothes/shoes. With or without purpose.

>Ride with the windows down at night.

Do a grown-up version of what you loved about summer when you were a kid (me: staying up all night writing, tar beach, real beach, reading the encyclopedia, the smell of a boardwalk)

(photo: travel.usnews.com)

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