March-ing into May’s Sweet Sound…

Ok, I’ll stop making month jokes. Done.

But March selections have been made and the issue is being sliced and diced into layout perfection. We can’t wait for you to see it. We’re thinking Saturday, the 12th. We were going to make you sweat until the Ides on Tuesday, but what the hell…We’ll stay consistent with the second-Saturday scheme we’ve been following…

Now I know you’re really here to find out about next month’s project, so here it is:

“May’d From Music”

Runs 3/1 to 4/30

Whether it’s on in the background, jumpstarts an old memory or paints the mood you’re in, music fuels writing and vice versa. We want to honor that symbiosis in the May issue with the “May’d From Music” project.

The Rules:

>Create a short, a poem, or art influenced by a piece of music. DO NOT TITLE IT IDENTICALLY OR MENTION IT SPECIFICALLY. We want work that reeks of something, submerges itself in someone’s waters, but we want to hear it from your words, not your reference point. Then, in your accompanying bio please list your song and source/band/singer/etc. so we may have an “aha!” moment once we make it to the contributors’ pages. Something like this: Emily Dickinson’s “I’m nobody, who are you” was inspired by/born from/resurrected from the ashes of “Creep” by Radiohead. (Please do not rip off E.Dick, but you knew that.)

This is a work-in-progress project, so changes of wonderful proportions may occur between now and May. Go with it.

Prizes possible…and we can’t lie or promise, but there’s probably a party in the midst of all this. We’ll let you know in time to pick a fetching frock to wear (or you could make like my sister in the shot below and wear a metal T-shirt.)XO


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