Speaking of the Lion and the Lamb…

With the new theme for the March issue, The Lion & The Lamb, I’ve been thinking a lot about the end of winter. Anticipating what will be good in a magazine six weeks from now will do that to you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a winter-hater by any means; in fact, deep snows and stark landscapes are some of my favorite things. But they also inspire dreaming of a different kind, namely for me, paradise thoughts. I fell asleep thinking of a cute retro-style bathing suit I had seen recently, and how much I’d like to be wearing that with my white Jackie-O shades and a vintage scarf wrapped around my head…mmmm maybe in Key West, maybe in Bimini…maybe I read too much Hemingway.  But regardless, there are mangoes ripening on my countertop and a colorful new Spring dress hanging in my closet I’ve been dying to wear to work without tights and a giant sweater over it. So what are your ‘lambs’? What’s waiting for you at the end of this season or drawing you to the equatorial regions for a quick weekend while the Nor’easters rage on? Send us some submissions and channel the Lamb!

Technically these are goats, not lambs, but you get the idea...

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